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At age 15 I was diagnosed with idiopathic scoliosis. I had to get major back surgery in which the recovery process was one I will never forget. I learned to overcome adversity and with a positive attitude, getting through the hardships allowed me to blossom into the uninhibited child that I am. A couple years later, I was offered a modeling job to Thailand. With little modeling experience or knowledge of the world, taking this job offer was the best decision I made.



Once I got a taste of traveling, I was shifted. I spent the following years advancing my modeling career and excelling in classes at California State University. This brings me to my current direction, where I stand to represent the adventurous, exotic and authentic soul that I am. I aim for a campaign that allows me to showcase my talents in a diverse and dignified framework. 



I am grateful for my upbringing at the beach, I could not imagine the person I would be with out the sun and sea singing to me.
I aim to inspire a positive and healthy lifestyle to every soul out there. I always say "manifest positive vibrations" and "live with the flow” because there is no better moment than right here, right now. It is the experience that counts and I am out to seek the knowledge and lessons life hands me and impact others on the powerful connections that are out there for us to gain!

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