Intuition, "a sudden immersion of the soul into the universal current of life where the histories of all people are connected", the super-power we hold (especially in  women) that makes the world go around. We are capable on an individual level and as a community, to tune into our super-power, feel it resonating within, and follow it.

Farrieda (@farriedasmit), Dutch-Moroccan, born in the south of Holland, and Danielle, California girl, Dutch-Indonesian; both sisters, a child of the world, a product of the infinite abundant flow of energy that exists in this universe. Every cell, every creature, every life form, has a certain depth. Like a flower, it is a woman’s nature to explore that depth; to dig her roots deep and to discover the true nature that exists within.

Follow your gut instinct.

Lead with your heart.


Photography: @alexiavdmphotography

Makeup: @amira_makeup_beauty

Eindhoven, The Netherlands