A composition inspired by our roaring love we share.

crashing love stillness ocean sea
poem and photo journal about love roar ocean
danielle writing poem photo journal inspired by the sea
bodies of love photography
ocean sea crashes and inspired by love
body and clouds photography bahamas
salty skin kiss me under the sun
polaroids crashing love old school photography
he watches the sea crash and breathe bahamas




Your warm skin tickles my salty hairs as they dance in the beaten sun.

Déjà vu after déjà vu.

This life time is just another wave I ride with you.

How lucky… I found you. You found me. We found we.

      Lucky to Be.

Your eyes radiate the ocean’s tune,

I am drowning in your deep, deep blue.

A complex chaos of blue hues and sunshine juice.


I know you, like I know myself.

I love you three Sun’s                

and a half.

Noi siamo una cosa sola.

Nassau, The Bahamas