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Abbot Kinney: Afternoon strolls in Venice Beach

Brian and I spent the golden evening frolicking around, on the somewhat quiet streets of Abbot Kinney in Venice Beach. We enjoyed playing around, like kids in the park before dark, producing content for brand @mvmtforher. Brian juggles three different cameras... I like that. One camera in specific being his 35mm film camera, which he had managed to have some captures left over on the roll. An unexpected surprise, apart from the usual DSLR camera. One week later the roll turned out a little something like this...

Photography - Brian Kimpson

Featuring - @mvmtforher

Venice Beach, California

September 23, 2018No Comments

Intuition: When two dutch sisters follow their heart

Intuition, "a sudden immersion of the soul into the universal current of life where the histories of all people are connected", the super-power we hold (especially in  women) that makes the world go around. We are capable on an individual level and as a community, to tune into our super-power, feel it resonating within, and follow it.

Farrieda (@farriedasmit), Dutch-Moroccan, born in the south of Holland, and Danielle, California girl, Dutch-Indonesian; both sisters, a child of the world, a product of the infinite abundant flow of energy that exists in this universe. Every cell, every creature, every life form, has a certain depth. Like a flower, it is a woman’s nature to explore that depth; to dig her roots deep and to discover the true nature that exists within.

Follow your gut instinct.

Lead with your heart.


Photography: @alexiavdmphotography

Makeup: @amira_makeup_beauty

Eindhoven, The Netherlands