Rebirthing breathwork in its essence is reconnecting to the simple pranayama (breath) of a newborn baby. It is gentle, natural and totally relaxed. This technique, which was perfected and mastered by Leonard Orr, the "father of rebirthing breathwork", is conscious, connected and circular. The 3 C's!

This rhythm is done through the nose only! My breath teacher/ breath master Katia Boustani, when describing the difference between nose and mouth breathing, uses the metaphor: she says mouth breathing is like hot, wild sex and nose breathing is like making love. I love that. (the Scorpio in both of us ;))

Why Breathwork?

In rebirthing, we are "untying the knots" of all the stages of development to unite us with our natural divinity and true authenticity as a sovereign individual. In this state of self-awareness, we have clarity, purpose and drive.

The aim of a session is 1) to free your breathing mechanism (learn how to actually breathe again/ unlock your breath) and 2) breathe energy as well as air. This "energy" that we breathe during a session, connects us to the intelligence of the cosmos. When we expand our breath, we expand our life! Rebirthing is an on-going developmental practice, which with determination and trust, brings us in true alignment with our intelligence and values.

What Happens in a Session?

In the presence of a professional rebirther, you can feel safe to surrender your expectations and simply breathe for the sake of breathing. My breath teacher says that the surrender is more important than the breath itself!

Conscious, connected breathing brings us back into our body and our Divine nature (your spirit when you were a baby!). During a session, old residues may come to the surface in order to get released and integrated from the body which is a positive indication of healing. At a cellular level, all of your cells are completely neutralized and the body returns to a state of homeostasis. Bliss, confidence, prosperity and zest for life are all byproducts of this incredible tool!!

We want you to feel secure and cultivate lasting intimacy with your breath, mind and body. After all, true self love is focusing on making peace with our thoughts and our body at all times. This is confrontational and transformative work, which can also be extremely pleasurable!!!

Enter Relaxation

Leonard says, "when you relax as deeply as you do in the connected breaths, you get to a breathing barrier which is caused by layers of stress and tension (trauma that the body has collected throughout life), and when you continue the breathing rhythm, it takes you through the barrier into an even deeper state of relaxation… a place of total peace (which is determined by the rebirthee's own body/ life energy)…

When a person relaxes through enough layers of tension it can be described as "the peace that passes all understanding."

Rebirthing is the science of becoming the master of your mind instead of being its victim. It is the most transformative and stable healing modality that I've ever come across! In my opinion, it’s the best ever because it's one of the only tools for healing and growth that doesn’t require going or being anywhere! It simply entails going inward (which can be daunting for some if they’ve never approached or had awareness of their breath until 20, 30 years later!)

What's Next?

Danielle specializes in helping artists and creatives unlock their creative blockages and overcome chronic stress and anxiety. She is a Certified Rebirthing Breathwork practitioner (Rebirth Breath Therapy) and bestows an innate wisdom for the art of healing and self-development.

If you are interested in experiencing breathwork and seeking mental health alternatives, Danielle offers a short free training for a limited time!! In the free training she teaches you how to achieve clarity and confidence using a simple, 2 hour per week technique!!