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Danielle was born and raised in Huntington Beach, California. At age 14, Danielle was diagnosed with idiopathic scoliosis. After a year of experimenting with healing alternatives, she was fortunate enough to receive major back surgery, a recovery in which she would never forget. Following her two enriching years at California State University, Danielle immediately found herself being propelled to places around the globe, weaving her authentic creations amongst the collective tapestry. 



Her spontaneous nature gave birth to the adventurous, confident, and light-beaming young warrior she embodies. Danielle has spent her life traveling the world and following her hearts calling to where it speaks the loudest. Her passion-driven and simple approach to life reaches the masses. A heart to heart joy that thrills the pleasure of one's existence has been the foundation for Danielle's work, binding her to the nature of what one would imagine as wild and free.



Danielle aims to inspire a campaign that unites breath mastery, body mastery, and creative collaboration. She always says, "live with the flow" or "ride the tide". Revolution begins with going back to your roots. By voicing her personal processes daily, experimenting in the kitchen with abundant foods, and dancing into unknown territory, Danielle honors her truth and manifests the same for you.

Follow Danielle via Instagram (@daniellefisser) as she bases between Bali and California.


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